09 October 2017

D365fO: Error - Enum type 'RetailChannelAttributeModifier' for the field 'Modifier' is not found.

Error Path: [dynamics://View/RetailSalesTableChannelAttributeView]: Enum type 'RetailChannelAttributeModifier' for the field 'Modifier' is not found. C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory\ApplicationSuite\Foundation\AxView\RetailSalesTableChannelAttributeView.xml

This error indocates that the model you're working with needs a reference to the model Retail.

05 October 2017

D365fO Management Reporter reset data mart

If you need to reset the data mart of the managemnt reporter in D365fO the easiest way is to log onto the box that is running the management reporter service. For example BI Server for SAT environments.
Open a PowerShell as an administrator and run the following command:

cd J:\MRProcessService\MRInstallDirectory\Server\MRDeploy
Import-Module .\MRDeploy.psd1
Reset-DatamartIntegration -Reason OTHER -ReasonDetail "TESTDBrestore"

valid values for -Reason are: SERVICING, BADDATA, OTHER.
-ReasonDetail parameter is free text
both are not important. They are just stored in the environment monitoring.

28 July 2017

D365EE | This page can't be displayed

While importing code into my local environment I was facing a strange behavior. All models build without errors. But when trying to open AX in the browser I got the message "This page can't be displayed"
So I checked the IIS, the services,... did an iisreset, but nothing changed.

After some checks in VisualStudio I called "synchronize database" and found the root cause for this issue. The DB sync threw an error that told me that there is a form extension with the same name in two different models.
And indeed that was the issue. I renamed one of the extensions build the modules and could open AX again. Table sync was working as well,

What I've learned from this is that the compiler is not checking if form extensions with the same name exist in different models. So always check that manually!
And what I still don't understand is why a synchronize database is throwing an error in form extensions. Shouldn't it focus on tables and table extensions?

04 July 2017

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition - On Premise Informations

Here are all the important informations regarding the on premise installation of D 365


The System requirements are very interresting :)

After you have all the servers and requirements in place go ahaed with this: Set up and deploy on-premises environments.

Just to find out which Features not implemented in on-premises deployments.

So it still looks like cloud first ;)

03 July 2017

Hey Microsoft why not calling it AX?

I just started a D365 july update and as promissed by Microsoft they changed the name again.

But honestly: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition is not as short as it could be.
Please rename it back to AX it was so easy and short :)

14 June 2017

D365EE | The menu item with name sysloadstartpage could not be opened

After a full build with no errors I was not able to log onto the build environment. It displayed the message:

The menu item with name sysloadstartpage could not be opened.

normally you can get rid of this message with a full database sync. In my case it required a build of the ApplicationSuite and a database syncronization. That is really strange because the build process should already have build the packages.