09 August 2016

Dynamics AX HTML decode

When you need to decode HTML strings that are escaped like & l t ; xml & g t ; in X++ there are several ways.
In general I would recommend calling


that should do the work. If not there is another static method that could be used:


This method is using strReplace operations to decode the most common characters.

01 August 2016

D365 ¦ Data Management ODBC - Not possible?

Lately I tried to import data into the new Dynamics AXthrough an ODBC Datasource  (DEV Environment deployed by LCS).
While setting up the source data format the following error popped up:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'J:\AosService\WebRoot\DMFConfig.xml'. File name: 'J:\AosService\WebRoot\DMFConfig.xml' at Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Tools.DMF.ServiceProxy.DmfEntityProxy.GetUserDsn(String machineName, Boolean runOnService)

I tried to get rid of it. After several different attempts I was able to solve this problem with a DMFConfig.xml file copied from an AX 2012 R3 environment.

Now I tried to import data from that ODBC source. AX reacted on the query but I'm still missing an option to import data from ODBC. The import button is dissabled no matter how the import is set up.

Result -> ODBC is not supported right now. Let's see how long it takes till MS will fix it.