29 May 2013

AX 2012 Shortcut to view details

If you want to view details in AX 2012 the standard way is using the mouse -> Right click -> click on view details. But you can get there evan faster and without using the mouse.

The ShortCut to open the context menu is SHIFT + F10 or the ContextMenu Key between ALT GR and STRG. Clicking this followed by the key V will open the View details.

SHIFT + F10 -> V


 -> V

This also works with other letters. If you use F for example then you need to press enter if you want to Filter by Field or use the down arrow and press enter.

06 May 2013

Get a list of users in a Windows Active Directory group

Because I always forget this short and important command I post it here. It is the shortest command line prompt to get a list of users in an AD Group:

net group /domain