14 June 2016

D365 ¦ Use Partitions in the new AX

If you want to administer partitions in the new AX it is hard to figure out how.
The easiest way for me was just adding the following command to the URL: &f=partitionadministration
So that the URL looks like: https://xyzaos.cloudax.dynamics.com/?cmp=DAT&f=partitionadministration

After creating new partitions just add &prt=NameOfThePartition to your URL to navigate to the new partition.
Keep in mind to import the users into the new partition so that they can access the new link: https://xyzaos.cloudax.dynamics.com/?cmp=DAT&prt=new

09 June 2016

Installing Manangement Reporter for AX 2012 R3 CU10

Lately I tried to install the Management Reporter for an AX 2012 R3 CU10 environment using the Dynamics AX setup. That was not working as expected. I was able to install the server component but configuring the management reporter services always failed with this error message:

01.06.2016 15:59:58 - Extracting supporting files for database deployment... 01.06.2016 15:59:59 - Beginning database deployment... 01.06.2016 15:59:59 - Initializing deployment (Start) 01.06.2016 16:00:09 - Initializing deployment (Failed) 01.06.2016 16:00:09 - The database deployment failed. Additional information: Could not deploy package. 01.06.2016 16:03:13 - Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Console.Core.DeploymentFailedException: Fehler beim Bereitstellen der Datenbank. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Bereitstellungsprotokoll. bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Reporting.ReportingDatabase.DeployDatabasePackages(String connectionString, String databaseName, Dictionary`2 parameters) bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Reporting.ApplicationServiceDeploymentPart.DeployWithSettings(IDictionary`2 settingsToDeployWith) bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Console.ConfigurationConsole.Wizard.Screens.DeploymentViewModel.TryRemoveFromView(Boolean isProgressing)

After checking the logs and checking customersource i found out that this is an issue with the version included in the AX Installation.
Downloading the latest version from customer source solved this issue.
For non us versions check the following link