28 December 2016

AX 2009 Setup :)

Do you still remeber this setup. It's so confusing when you start to install 2009 environments again ;)

16 December 2016

AX2012 Webdienste unter IIS

This post is in german :)

Beim Installieren der Webdienste unter IIS für AX2012 kann es passieren, dass das AX Setup den Server nicht richtig konfiguriert. So ging es mir gerade erst auf einem Windows Server 2016, auf dem ein Teil der Webserver Rolle schon aktiviert war. Dann muss man die folgenden Punkte aktivieren:

  • Allgemeine HTTP-Features
    • Statischer Inhalt
    • Standarddokument
    • Verzeichnissuche
    • HTTP-Fehler
  • Anwendungsentwicklung
    • .NET-Erweiterbarkeit
    • ISAPI-Erweiterungen
    • ISAPI-Filter
  • Integrität und Diagnose
    • HTTP-Protokollierung
    • Anforderungsmonitor oder Anforderungsüberwachung
  • Sicherheit
    • Anforderungsfilterung
  • Leistung
    • Komprimierung statischer Inhalte
  • Verwaltungstools > IIS 6-Verwaltungskompatibilität
    • IIS 6-Metabasiskompatibilität

15 December 2016

AX2012: The default login company does not exist

When you are facing the error message "The defaul login company does not exist" / "Das Unternehmen für die Standardanmeldung ist nicht vorhanden" while trying to open an AX client, you should have a look at the ax client configuration or your .axc file.
Just enter a startup company even thogh the field is empty. "DAT" should alway work.
When your able to login again change the default company for the user.

In my case this error occured due to the fact that my user was deleted from the initial partition and tried to login to company XYZ in another partition.

09 August 2016

Dynamics AX HTML decode

When you need to decode HTML strings that are escaped like & l t ; xml & g t ; in X++ there are several ways.
In general I would recommend calling


that should do the work. If not there is another static method that could be used:


This method is using strReplace operations to decode the most common characters.

01 August 2016

D365 ¦ Data Management ODBC - Not possible?

Lately I tried to import data into the new Dynamics AXthrough an ODBC Datasource  (DEV Environment deployed by LCS).
While setting up the source data format the following error popped up:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'J:\AosService\WebRoot\DMFConfig.xml'. File name: 'J:\AosService\WebRoot\DMFConfig.xml' at Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Tools.DMF.ServiceProxy.DmfEntityProxy.GetUserDsn(String machineName, Boolean runOnService)

I tried to get rid of it. After several different attempts I was able to solve this problem with a DMFConfig.xml file copied from an AX 2012 R3 environment.

Now I tried to import data from that ODBC source. AX reacted on the query but I'm still missing an option to import data from ODBC. The import button is dissabled no matter how the import is set up.

Result -> ODBC is not supported right now. Let's see how long it takes till MS will fix it.

04 July 2016

Visual Studio online - Build tools

If you are facing errors with local build agents for your build process in visual studio online or team foundation server it is always a good idea to check the log files.
While the windows eventlog is just providing high level informations the buidl agent log folder contains a lot more information. It is located in the build agent folder "_diag".

14 June 2016

D365 ¦ Use Partitions in the new AX

If you want to administer partitions in the new AX it is hard to figure out how.
The easiest way for me was just adding the following command to the URL: &f=partitionadministration
So that the URL looks like: https://xyzaos.cloudax.dynamics.com/?cmp=DAT&f=partitionadministration

After creating new partitions just add &prt=NameOfThePartition to your URL to navigate to the new partition.
Keep in mind to import the users into the new partition so that they can access the new link: https://xyzaos.cloudax.dynamics.com/?cmp=DAT&prt=new

09 June 2016

Installing Manangement Reporter for AX 2012 R3 CU10

Lately I tried to install the Management Reporter for an AX 2012 R3 CU10 environment using the Dynamics AX setup. That was not working as expected. I was able to install the server component but configuring the management reporter services always failed with this error message:

01.06.2016 15:59:58 - Extracting supporting files for database deployment... 01.06.2016 15:59:59 - Beginning database deployment... 01.06.2016 15:59:59 - Initializing deployment (Start) 01.06.2016 16:00:09 - Initializing deployment (Failed) 01.06.2016 16:00:09 - The database deployment failed. Additional information: Could not deploy package. 01.06.2016 16:03:13 - Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Console.Core.DeploymentFailedException: Fehler beim Bereitstellen der Datenbank. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Bereitstellungsprotokoll. bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Reporting.ReportingDatabase.DeployDatabasePackages(String connectionString, String databaseName, Dictionary`2 parameters) bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Reporting.ApplicationServiceDeploymentPart.DeployWithSettings(IDictionary`2 settingsToDeployWith) bei Microsoft.Dynamics.Performance.Deployment.Console.ConfigurationConsole.Wizard.Screens.DeploymentViewModel.TryRemoveFromView(Boolean isProgressing)

After checking the logs and checking customersource i found out that this is an issue with the version included in the AX Installation.
Downloading the latest version from customer source solved this issue.
For non us versions check the following link

11 March 2016

SoapUI calling AIF error: Malformed UTF-8 character: 0xfc 0x6c 0x74 0x6

When you import a AX AIF WSDL from SoapUI you might face an error telling you that SoapUI has stumbled accross a malformed UTF-8 character. Especially when you are in a non english environment.

Error loading [https://our.externalserviceurl.com/MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif60/OURsmallHTTPService/xppservice.svc?wsdl]: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: java.io.CharConversionException: Malformed UTF-8 character: 0xfc 0x6c 0x74 0x6

Looking at the WSDL and all the imports there is no character which is not UTF-8 conform. After checking the communication between the servers I found out that the IIS was responding to the WSDL request with a 401 page. This response was in german and contained german characters ("ü").

In my case it was required to set the http authorization to NTLM to enable SoapUI to authorize correctly through http. So whenever you get this malformed UTF-8 error check the communication.

02 March 2016

AXReportInstanceExtensions COMException

Lately I got the following error message while trying to install the AX Report instance extensions through PowerShell.

Install-AXReportInstanceExtensions :
In Zeile:1 Zeichen:1
+ Install-AXReportInstanceExtensions -ReportServerInstanceName R3TEST -Credential  ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : OpenError: (Microsoft.Dynam...tensionsCommand:InstallReportInstanceExtensionsCommand) [I
   nstall-AXReportInstanceExtensions], COMException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Framework.Management.Reports.InstallReportInstanceExtensionsComman

 To solve this issue just start the powershell as administrator and try again.

24 February 2016

The new AX is released ready to web

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of the new Dynamics AX at the Technical Conference #DynTech2016. We all look forward to see what comes next:

26 January 2016

The new Dynamics AX - It's just around the corner :)

There is a new video out there, to promote the new Dynamics AX. The sentence I do like most is: The new user experience is amazing :)
I do not agree 100% but I guess that's becaus I know the old user and developer Experience. Which differs a lot from the new browserbased interface.

Check out the other videos:

19 January 2016

AX 7: open forms directly

If you want to open a form directly when starting the new Dynamics AX you can add &mi=Formname to the AX URL.
So for example when you want to start AX with the SalesTable listpage just use an URL that Looks like:

Beside the page that is displayed you can also specify the company with cmp=DAT

15 January 2016

DIXF: DMFProductEntity - displayProductNumber auto generate not working

When importing products to staging table with the Data Import Export Framework through the Entity DMFProductEntity with auto generated displayProductNumber we faced the error message "Numbersequence not set". This is due to the fact that MS has used another EDT in the DMFProductEntity.
The following Workaround helps importing products with generated numbers.
  1. Extend the NumberSeqModuleInventory.loadModule() with the following Code:
// Setup product display number for DMFProductEntity
    datatype.parmDatatypeId(extendedtypenum (EcoResProductDisplayProductNumber));
    datatype.addParameterType(NumberSeqParameterType::DataArea, true, false);
  1. Change the method from protected to public
  2. Create a job to call the loadModule method:
    NumberSeqModuleInventory numberSeqModuleInventory = new NumberSeqModuleInventory();numberSeqModuleInventory.loadModule();
  3. Change the method back to protected
  4. Go to Inventory and Warehousemanagement Parameters and set the Number Sequence for Product Number. You could use the same Number Sequence as for Item Number or create a new one.

07 January 2016

Dynamics AX (AX7) shortcuts

I started playing around with the new Dynamics AX. When looking at the new user interface my first and main concern is the usabilty. So I tried to create a customer and a sales order as fast as possible :)
But be aware that keyboard shortcuts are not the same as in AX 2012 and earlier versions.
For example: don't use STRG + N anymore. It is now ALT + N :)

To help us getting comfortable with the new UI the Dynamics 'AX 7' Technical Preview Help Wiki is a good starting Point.
There you can also find a list of keyboard shortcuts: https://ax.help.dynamics.com/en/wiki/shortcut-keys/