19 April 2012

Add a single postal location to an ax 2012 form

To add a single postal address to a form with the new ActionPane there are several steps to do:

  1. Add the EDT LogisticsLocationRecId to the table where the new postalAddress should be added
  2. Add this table to the LogisticsLocationMap and create a Mapping: LogisticsLocationMap.Location ==  theNewTable.LogsticsLocationRecId
  3. Add the LogisticsPostalAddress Table to the Form

  4. Paste the following code to the form:

    public class FormRun extends ObjectRun
        LogisticsPostalAddressFormHandler  addressController;

    public void init()

            addressController =
        LogisticsPostalAddressFormHandler::newParameters(newTable_ds, logisticsPostalAddress_ds);

              addressController.callerUpdateQuery(fieldNum(newTable, LogisticsLocationRecId));

          public LogisticsPostalAddressFormHandler getAddressController()
              return addressController;
        1. Place an ActionPane to your form with the MenuItemButtons New/Edit/Clear/Map.
          The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste it from the BankAccountTable form.

        2. Add this Code to the active method of the main DS:

          public int active()
              int ret;

              ret = super();

              if (ret)
                  addressController.callerUpdateButtons(newAddress, editAddress, clearAddress, mapButton);

              return ret;
        3. after that synchronize table and map and than try to open the form ;)

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