17 December 2013

Get rid of partitions that are not created with windows

If you try to remove partitions on a harddrive that has been partitioned with a non windows tool you are not able to do this with the disk management tool "diskmgmt.msc".
An easy way is to do this is the use of diskpart.exe
Just type the following:
  • list disk -to find out the number of the disk
  • select disk ### - to select the disk you want to clean
  • clean - to delete all partitions (be careful with this command :) )

After the cleaning the easiest way to create a new partition is to use diskmgmt.msc or just type in the following commands:

  • create partition primary 
  • select partition=1 
  • active 
  • format fs=fat32 QUICK 
  • assign
That's all you have to do to get an active primary partition formated with fat 32 that is assigned to a drive letter.
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