18 September 2014

Installing - Intelligent Data Management Framework - MSDTC

Before you can install the Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF) you need to configure the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Co-Ordinator (MSDTC) which is part of the server OS.

  1. run the component Services (run: dcomcnfg) or go to ControlPanel -> AdministrativeTools -> Component Services
  2. Navigate to the Distributed TRansaction Coordinator and right click on the Local DTC select Properties
  3. Navigate to security and check the following checkmarks:

    Network DTC Access Enabled
    Client and Administration  
    Allow Remote Clients Enabled
    Allow Remote Administration Enabled
    Transaction Manager Communication  
    Allow Inbound Enabled
    Allow Outbound Enabled
    No Authentication Required Enabled
  4. Click Okay and yes to let the MS DTC do a restart. After that try to install IDMF again

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