09 October 2014

Compiling AX 2012 with axbuild

Since AX 2012 R2 CU7 we are able to compile AX a bit faster. Therefor you need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Open a command prompt (cmd) as an administrator
  2. navigate to the AOS Bin Folder where AxBuild.exe is located:
    cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\NameOfTheAOS\bin
  3. Run AxBuild with this command:
    AxBuild.exe xppcompileall /aos=01 /altbin="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Client\Bin" /log=C:\AxBuildLog
/aos Needs the number of the AOS which is part of the name of the service.
/altbin is the client folder.
/log defines the folder where the log is stored.
/workers defines the number of parallel processes.

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