21 January 2015

AX 2012 R2 SSAS: Process Production Cube error 22007

If you cannot process the Production cube and get the following error:

OLE DB-Fehler: OLE DB- oder ODBC-Fehler : Warnung: Ein NULL-Wert wird durch einen Aggregat- oder sonstigen SET-Vorgang gelöscht.; 01003; Bei der Konvertierung eines nvarchar-Datentyps in einen datetime-Datentyp liegt der Wert außerhalb des gültigen Bereichs.; 22007.

OLE DB or ODBC error: Warning: Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation.; 01003; The conversion of a nvarchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.; 22007.

This error occurs when your language != English

You should check the method daysDelayed in the ProductionTableExtended View:
It should not use the date2StgrUsr() method!

str todayDate = SysComputedColumn::comparisonLiteral(date2StrUsr(today(), DateFlags::None));
str todayDate = SysComputedColumn::comparisonLiteral(date2str(today(), 321,
DateSeparator::Hyphen, DateMonth::Digits2,
DateSeparator::Hyphen, DateYear::Digits4,

Check - KB 2859489 - Cannot process the Production cube

If that does not help replace Hyphen with None

str todayDate = SysComputedColumn::comparisonLiteral(date2str(today(), 321,
DateDay::Digits2, DateSeparator::None, DateMonth::Digits2,
DateSeparator::None, DateYear::Digits4,
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