26 April 2018

D365 F&O on-premises | deployment failed for application financial reporting alias management reporter

During our installations and code deployments into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on-premises we struggled a lot with one of the last steps of the installation: The financial reporting application. We have seen different issues till now. And there are several things to check when this step fails.

  • Check EventLog of primary orchestrator node for error messages in the local-agent folder.
  • Install ETW-Manisfest on the orchestrator node if not already there to check the MR logs:
  • Check the userinfo table of AX DB. There must be a user called FRServiceUser 
  • Check if there are reports still checked out:

    select * from reporting.ControlReport where CheckedOutTo is not null

  •  If yes just update the following tables (on your own risk):
    update Reporting.ControlReport
    set CheckedOutTo = null

    update Reporting.ControlRowMaster
    set CheckedOutTo = null

    update Reporting.ControlColumnMaster
    set CheckedOutTo = null

    update Reporting.ControlTreeMaster
    set CheckedOutTo = null

If all the above is not solving the issue you could also try to replace the financialReporting DB with an empty financialReporting database.
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