30 June 2015

AX 2012 R3 | Mobile Device Portal | display settings

If the mobile device is showing this error:

Die Schnittstelle des mobilen Geräts kann nicht geöffnet werden, da entweder die Anzeigeeinstellungen nicht oder falsch konfiguriert sind. Konfigurieren Sie gültige Einstellungen für die Anzeige des mobilen Geräts.

The mobile device interface cannot be opened because either the display settings are not configured or they are configured incorrectly. Configure valid settings for the mobile device display.

Check the default company account for the user that is used by the warehouse mobilde device portal to coneect ot AX. Then jump into that company and check the display settings:

Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile device > Work user mobile device display settings

In most cases the settings are not correct in that company:
One valid line can look like: Default, Yes, defaultrf.css, DisplayIEOS

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